Sunday, 4 February 2018

How To Organize A Group Vacation

Perhaps the best gifts you can gift yourself comes through travelling, and what’s more amazing than finding a group of people filled with similar spirit of wanderlust as you! Go for the vacation of a lifetime with the chosen ones who will be your best travel mates. Group vacation planning is normally hailed as an arduous task, but with online travel planner at your aid, it is now easier than ever. 

Here are the main points that you need to consider while organizing a vacation in group to make it perfect. 

1. Plan with TripHobo

Group vacation planning has never been easier. Travel site offers you all the minute details of a group vacation ranging from booking flight tickets to scheduling your hour by hour travel itinerary. The best part of planning trip with TripHobo is that the plan can be shared allowing up to 5 of your travel mates to edit it accordingly, which is perfect for a group vacation. Also you can share your finished plan on social media to get insights on it.

For booking flights, you can find the best offers from the most reputed international airlines for reaching your destination. Look out for the special discount fares offered by certain airlines in case of group travel along with a lot other perks. In case you have already booked your flights, just add it to your plan and continue.

2. Accommodation

Finding a suitable accommodation can be a challenge in case of group planning. With travel website at your rescue , now you can get complete details about all kinds of accommodations available at your destination with their best ever deals , facilities provided, customer ratings and reviews , sourced from the best websites. If you are travelling with family, you might want to choose a luxury hotel or resort. However, for vacationing with friends or travel-mates, you can find a comfortable home stay or hostel so you can share all the activities and duties together.

3. Choose your leader
Foremost for group vacation planning is choosing a leader among your group. He or she does not necessarily need to be the person who came up with the idea of the vacation. Choose someone who has great organisational and planning skills down to the smallest detail. He or she should have the ability to connect and communicate well with everyone ( a must in case of multilingual groups) and keeping everybody updated duly about the details of the travel plan. In case you are the chosen group head, make sure you connect with all on a popular messaging app preferably Whatsapp for better inter-connection in an unknown land.

4. Tours and Cruises

Online travel planner shows you the list of all the conducted tours and cruises in the place you are going to spend your vacation in group. Find the ones that suit your group’s interest and taste. Whether you are a group of culture enthusiasts or nature-lovers or adrenaline-pumped free spirits, triphobo has the best for all.

5. Pre-Book The Restaurants

One major challenge that is rarely thought of during group vacation planning is about the places to eat , as finding a good diner for all your group together can be an issue. So, it is suggested that you use the “Add Activities” and “Custom Places” on our trip planner and pre-book seats at the finest and most popular eateries for all your group.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

5 Perfect Cities To Plan A Trip To Spain

The spectacular Spain is famous for its exquisite natural beauty in breathtaking beaches, picturesque landscapes and serene islands. The amazing cuisine and spirit of life and the most warm-hearted people make Spain the perfect getaway destination. Plan a trip online to Spain for your next vacation on the best online travel site TripHobo. Here we present to you the five perfect cities to plan your trip to Spain.

1. Madrid
The capital and largest city of Spain has the true cosmopolitan essence. It is famous for its vibrant nightlife, ethnic diversity and rich cultural heritage. Perhaps spending an enchanting weekend here would be a great start to your Spain trip. Do not miss out on Plaza Mayor, Royal Palace Of Madrid, Parque Del Retiro among others. Our trip planner will fit the best sites in the city in your itinerary.

2. Barcelona

This marvel of a city in north-eastern Spain boasts of confluence of the best architectural styles ranging from gothic aspect to modernist sky-high constructions. Make sure you visit Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo, two great masterpieces by renowned architect Antoni Gaudi. If you are a soccer enthusiast, it’s impossible to miss Camp Nou, the home ground for FC Barcelona. Try the authentic food in Barcelona and be mesmerized.

3. Seville
Historically enriched Seville presents a prominent blend of its Moorish past and Catholic present. The magnificent Seville Cathedral , where  Christopher Columbus is believed to have been buried, and the Alcazar Palace with its enthralling gardens are must to look out for. Check out the flamenco fiesta and tapas bars for which Seville is known all over the world. With TripHobo’s amazing holiday planner at your aid, perfectly plan a trip online to this beautiful city.

4. Valencia

Spain’s third largest city Valencia is brimming with Mediterranean charm. The main attraction happens to be a marvellous cultural and entertainment complex called the City of Arts and Science. Apart from this, Valencia is full of artistic elegance and impressive architecture. A great destination for the food lover in you, this is where you lose yourself in the exciting nightlife. Our online travel site prepares the perfect plan for you to spend every single moment in this city in the best possible way.

5. Granada
Lying in the lap of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Granada boasts of having the best traditional splendour infused with an opulence of culture and liveliness. The exquisite Alhambra, built by the Nasrid Sultans, presents Moorish architectural prowess at its finest, complete with the luxurious gardens. Autumn and spring are the best times to visit Granada to witness the magic of the city at its pinnacle.

With your perfect vacation plan to Spain now sorted, what are you waiting for? Respond to the call of the land of grace and magnificence at perfection.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Travel to the World’s Beautiful Place With Mexico City Travel Guide

Mexico City is positioned in the northern region of the American continent. Mexico City stands out to be one of the ancient metropolises on the American City. It is famed as a captivating capital which fascinates numerous tourists each year. It welcomes about 12 million visitors each year counting both business executives and travellers. You may plan your holiday through online itinerary planner for better experience.

The Mexico City travel guide aids the tourists by numbering the attractions, hotels, restaurants, night life, travel tips and more. This planned list out helps the number of people in travelling around Mexico in an ease and comfort manner. They are also mentioned to have a hassle free journey. The Mexico travel guide is vital for every new visitor to keep them in track of their tourist schedule.

There is a number of tourist attractions in Mexico and most centred on the historic centres. The Mexico City tourist information is required to be essential for any tourist who steps up at Mexico. By gaining knowledge of the tourist information one can have a hassle free journey and explore the innate historical beneficiaries that serve the city. There are many tourist attractions in Mexico that are visited by thousands of tourists each year, and one should not afford to miss them during their visit here. Let us discuss some of those eminent places in this article: 

The historic centres include Plaza de la Constitucion otherwise widely known as Zocalo, the National palace which is famed out in Mexico and most visited place. The ancient monuments have been all time favourites for tourists here. Mexico’s national institute of Anthropology and History marks to be one of the famed out spot. The plan for a full-fledged Caribbean vacation is one experience which every individual should feel at least once in their life time. Cancun is positioned in the south east of Mexico which stands in the state of Quintana Roo in the Yucatan peninsula. There are more than 450 beaches that make up the Mexican coast and any tourist can never return back to their home town without visiting one.

The Mexican City Tourism is scheduled by all people around the globe who has a flair for travelling and to venture new experiences. There are a number of tourist organisations who take up the whole responsibility of planning the tour from start up till the end. By holding hand with any Mexican city Tourism one can have a comfy and hassle free journey. This helps the tourists to enjoy and have fun with their members in the trip. The tourism arranges all accommodation including travelling to each spots. They also provide the tourists with a guide who helps out in each spot by explaining about the history.

Friday, 13 October 2017

25 Reasons Why travelling is important for youth

25 Reasons Why travelling is important for youth 
  1. Meet new people & new friends
  2. See things you’d never have the chance to otherwise
  3. You will know yourself and people you travel with
  4. You will be Happy & stress free
  5. Great stories to share
  6. You will love trying different food
  7. Positive attitude towards change
  8. You become smart person
  9. You might find your goal in Life
  10. You will feel freedom
  11. You will become interesting person
  12. Your confidence level will be higher
  13. You’ll grow culturally
  14. You wil be responsible person
  15. You will be able to manage money better way
  16. You will be  at ease in critical situations
  17. Globalization
  18. You will be more skilled person
  19. Learn new languages
  20. Gives you adventure
  21. Dreams come true
  22. To prove to yourself you can
  23. The challenge
  24. To do something new
  25. Because you deserve it!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

How to Plan the Best Holiday to Boston

Charming ubiquitous red-bricked neighborhoods, public green spaces, a rich history and a perfect blend of traditional and modern architecture- that’s Boston for you! This largest city in Massachusetts has a relaxed vibe and offers all the benefits of a metro city without the fast pace. This delightful town is just perfect for a quick little sojourn! Want to plan a holiday in this historical city? Check out these vacation planner and tips before you do!

What is the best way to travel?
The public transport system in Boston is highly efficient as well as inexpensive and so, commuting in the city is very easy. Apps like CityMapper are a great way to find out about the quickest and the most convenient commute options. If you are travelling to Boston from another city in America, then check out options like MegaBus which provide you with transportation services at throwaway prices!

What are the best accommodation options?
Selecting the right place to stay is an important factor in any travel planning process. Ideally, choose an accommodation option depending upon your itinerary so that all the major attractions you want to visit are easily accessible. From luxurious hotels to reasonable priced Airbnbs and pocket-friendly hostels, Boston has a wide array of options for you to choose from.

What to eat?

Boston offers tourists with a lot more delicacies than chowder and lobster rolls. Chicken Pho, duck tongue, clam chowdah, fresh sushi and obviously, the famous Boston cream pie are some of the dishes you must try out when in Boston! Also, foodies! Do not forget to visit the Chinatown neighborhood for some mouthwatering Chinese food as well as the North-End neighborhood for some authentic Italian classics!

What are the must-visit places?

The Freedom Trail- 16 of Boston’s most historically significant places which tell you the story of this city’s p

Boston Commons-

One of America’s oldest parks, this giant green retreat in the heart of Boston is a peaceful oasis.

The North End- Home to Boston’s Italian community, the vibrant neighborhood of North End is one of America’s oldest residential neighborhoods.

Harvard University- The oldest University in America, the Harvard needs to introduction. The ancient architecture and the history of this place are highly fascinating.

Sam Adam’s Brewery- A major brewery in Boston, this place offers free tours for tourists to understand the process of beer manufacturing. Plus, you get to sample free beer!

Skywalk Observatory- This observatory at the top of the Prudential Towers offers the tourists with 360-degree panoramic view of the Boston City.

Museum of Fine Arts-

Considered to be one of the most comprehensive collections of art in America, this museum displays a huge plethora of exhibits- from ancient Egyptian artefacts to modern art.

The Black Bay Park and Newbury Street- An uber-chic neighborhood, this bustling area is home to some of Boston’s finest shopping options.

Boston Harbor- No virtual trip planner is complete without a cruise on this natural estuary of the Massachusetts Bay. From shipwrecks and lighthouses to waterfronts and forts, there are numerous points of attraction at the Boston Harbor.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

5 Perfect Cities to Plan a Trip to Greece

A cultural treasure chest posing some of the earliest human civilizations, Greece has it all. Lined with the beautiful Aegean Sea, this country has some of the best coastlines in the world. Plan a trip to Greece and soak in some spirited music, sophisticated cuisine, exhilarating activities, gorgeous sunset and the uncharted sea-views.

We have listed the 5 best cities you can visit in Greece on your next holiday. Use this trip planner and be rest-assured, your journey would be an absolute memorable one!

The 5th-century BC landmarks are the crowing jewels of this Greek capital. This city has many squares, like the Syntagma and Omonia, which feature some of the best neoclassical buildings from around the world. Athens has brilliantly blended the historic magnificence and modern chaos scenes of Greece and a day here will help you understand the city's many transformations over the years.

Top travel sites in Athens: Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon, Acropolis Museum and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens


A Greek port city with corroborating facts of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman history remains; this city is a must visit for all you history buffs. With extraordinary culinary delights and sites offering never-ending views of the blue sea, make sure Thessaloniki is a part of your ultimate Greece itinerary.

Top travel sites in Thessaloniki: White Tower of Thessaloniki, Aristotelous Square and Arch of Galerius and Rotunda.


This port city blends together wonderful castles and modern-day engineering feats. Named after King Patreas, this city has a laid-back feel to it. Walk along its spirited promenades, visit the scintillating bars and cafes or simply stroll among its many parks. Things to do in Patras are never-ending!

Top travel sites in Patras: Rio–Antirrio Bridge, Archaeological Museum of Patras and Patras Castle.

Sitting on the banks of Pinios River, this university town is a transport and military hub. Walk around the city and witness its sparkling fountains, public squares, elegant cafes, exquisite museums, exclusive shops and more!

Top travel sites in Larissa: Alcazar Park and A 'Ancient Theatre of Larissa.


Heraklion is the largest city on the island of Crete and has many native villages, periodic castles, Byzantine monasteries and shingly beaches. Do not miss out on this fun and family destination on your next trip to Greece!

Top travel sites in Heraklion:
Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Koules Fortress and Natural History Museum of Crete

With Aegean Sea on its East, the Ionian Sea towards its West and the Mediterranean Sea on the South, Greece is blessed with some of the most beautiful islands that you can visit with your loved ones. Check them out here:

  • Santorini 
  • Mykonos
  • Corfu
  • Rhodes
  • Zakynthos
  • Lefkada
  • Skopelos

Excited much? Also check out these Greece essentials:

  • Time-Zone: Eastern European Time Zone (UTC+02:00)
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro
  • Best time to visit: May to October
  • Drives on: Right 
  • Visa: Schengen Visa

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

How to Plan a Trip to Singapore

Singapore is the country which offers you luxurious hotels and countryside resorts, global cuisine and authentic, traditional dishes, huge malls loaded with top international brands and local, handcrafted souvenirs to choose from, serene beaches and dense jungles, all at the same time! Do not let this small dot on the world map fool you. Singapore with its magnificent skyline also has many historical heritages hidden away in the least known corners. There is no acceptable excuse to postpone your trip to Singapore. Visit this multicultural country and you will always carry its lovely part in your heart. Here are the few things you can do to plan a trip to Singapore.

How to reach –

This place is very well-connected to rest of the world by flights as well as waterways. Thousands of flights land and depart from Singapore daily. Changi Airport is the largest transportation hub in south Asia. And once you reach here, travelling around is as easy as walking. Buses, trains, metros, taxis, cabs will take you anywhere you want. The fast and efficient transportation system is the lifeline of the country.

Where to stay? –

When it comes to staying, Sky-touching, lavish hotels have now become the identity of Singapore. Marina Bay sands is the resort which is no less than some architectural wonder. Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons and Marriot are some of the equally exotic hotels in Singapore. Beautiful Airbnbs, small yet comfortable home stays, clean bed and breakfasts will pamper you to no end, and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

What to see? –

Extremely popular Merlion Statue with lion’s head and fish’s body is spectacular. The Singapore Flyer, which is a giant observation wheel that offers a stunning view of not only Singapore’s skyscrapers, but also the islands of Indonesia. Gardens by the Bay, Botanic gardens and Orchid gardens are a wonderful ‘green’ surprises in this concrete jungle. You can try virtual trip planner and explore other offbeat destinations.

What to do? –

Whenever I plan my holiday in Singapore, I always look forward to this part - crazy shopping spree! Impressive malls and tiny local shops are hard to resist. You can get the cheapest deals at Chinatown Street Market or Little Indian. And if you are not in the mood to worry about the budget, then go to Orchard Road. This two-kilometers of road is known as the shopping hub. No matter for how many days you are visiting Singapore, you have to spare a day at least for shopping.

One trip to this extremely diverse and beautiful country is not enough. You will be hooked to it from the first step. Take a vacation here and fall in love with a country that is already welcoming you with its arms wide open.